Weddings are something most of us have fantasized about since being a little girl. It’ll be the happiest day of your lives, or so they say.

The inevitable stress of planning a wedding struck hold of me quickly. Trying to orchestrate a formal, large-scale event with very little experience, along with co-ordinating many people, vendors and other moving parts.. Did I mention the uncertainties of the looming pandemic, which could snap everything away in an instant?

I still remember the feeling rush over me as I sat down with Aaron at our local coffee shop – Cinnamon, while we narrowed down our options. “Option one is to delay the wedding by several years with the hope our overseas friends and family can join us. Option two is to commit to the date, knowing the risk it could still be cancelled due to nation-wide lockdowns. What’s the lesser of two evil?” I left the shop in tears with the grim reality that we had no choice but to postpone. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

After several phone calls to family, including wonderful brother and Aarons best man Dan, they thankfully convinced us to go ahead in spite of the uncertainties. And both of whom did end up making it to NZ for our wedding, forking up a hefty $3000.00 quarantine cost each (which we are eternally grateful for!)

Being one of the first of our friends to go through the process, I felt like I was going in blind and totally underestimated how much time and energy would go into planning a wedding. I spent many lunch breaks, evenings and weekends researching, planning and booking. I lived off to-do lists and spreadsheets chaotically spread across our spare room floor, yet never really felt on top of things. I found the final months leading up to the wedding daunting and isolating. It caused friction in my relationship due to heightened stress and sleepless nights. I got to the point where I “just wanted to get it over with”, as sad as that sounds.

Of course it’s easy to say now that all the stress was worth it in the end. While the day was a huge success and was truly was a day to remember, reflecting back on the process, I can’t just forget the anguish and stress leading up to the day itself.

I put immense pressure on myself to achieve perfection – Yet I now know your wedding day will be perfect, no matter what!

I Do Diary

So why do we put so much pressure onto achieving “the perfect day”, yet knowingly sacrifice our health and happiness leading up to the event itself? Often we lose sight of the bigger picture and become addicted to the cycle of stress. I remember thinking “If only I knew then what I do now, I could have enjoyed the process so much more!” And it was this motion that led to the creation of I Do Diary.

I made it my mission to pay it forward to future brides and grooms, to make sure others didn’t have the same experience as I did. I hope to take away the unnecessary stress and create a smooth sailing experience so you can focus on what truly matters. I hope you love the I Do Diary as much as I do, and that you too can pay it forward to future-engaged couples to make the experience more enjoyable.

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