Meet The Team

Our Team

Welcome to Our Team at I Do Diary, where wedding dreams come to life! Having launched our first-ever product to market at the 2022 NZ Bride and Groom Show, our journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. From humble beginnings, we’ve swiftly emerged as a household name within the NZ Wedding Industry.

Partnering with renowned vendors and industry experts across all of New Zealand, we’ve grown exponentially and are thrilled to introduce our expanding team. We are now a dynamic duo, with Alida joining us from Palmestern North to enhance our online presence.

As an e-commerce business catering exclusively to New Zealand brides, we’ve started receiving some serious love from across the ditch! That’s right, our Aussie mates want a piece of the action too. So, in 2024, we’re packing our bags to spread the love to our Aussie brides. Our ambitious mission for this year is to venture beyond the NZ region, extending internationally to fulfil the dreams of brides all around the world. Join in on the excitement and follow our journey as we take on this thrilling new chapter!

Now, without further ado, let’s rewind to where it all began. Here’s the story of how I Do Diary came to fruition.

Meet NZ Founder – Jasmine Traynor

Kia Ora, I’m Jasmine, the Founder of I Do Diary. Originally from the beautiful north shores of Auckland, I now call the Waikato home, along with my hubby and our adorable floof Willow. After 8 years of working in the healthcare industry, I decided it was time to do something just for myself. My passion for serving others coupled with a relentless drive to embrace new challenges fuelled the development of my own brand – and I couldn’t be prouder!

So what sets I Do Diary apart? It’s not just another product in the market; it’s a labor of love crafted by a bride for other brides. For a solid year, I poured my heart and soul into shaping the perfect wedding brand, all to make sure future brides have a smoother journey. From the very beginning, I’ve been hands-on, tirelessly refining, drafting, and testing numerous prototypes to ensure incredible quality and a design that fulfils your wildest dreams.

Origin Story

Planning my wedding amidst the covid pandemic was a rollercoaster to say the least. As the bride-to-be, I felt a lot of the brunt of the planning fell squarely on my shoulders. The final months leading up to the wedding felt daunting and overwhelming. Even on the day itself, it was hard to truly unwind, let go, and fully immerse in the celebration. Looking back, despite the joy of the event, I couldn’t shake the question: Why do brides endure such stress to create the ‘perfect day’ at the cost of their own happiness leading up to it?

Conversations with fellow brides revealed I wasn’t alone in this experience. Many shared the stress of wedding planning, shedding light on the silence around its challenges. It seems that the bride is expected to know exactly what she wants and tends to take the reins when it comes to planning and keeping track of it all. Quite frankly, it’s exhausting!

From this discovery, it became clear that brides needed a more supportive, enjoyable approach to wedding planning. This led me to dedicate the next year to researching, curating, and crafting the ultimate wedding planning brand: I Do Diary. With a singular goal in mind, I Do Diary was born to relieve fellow brides from the burden of pressure and stress I personally felt, aiming to reshape the experience into an enjoyable journey! Want to hear the full origin story? Check out the full blog post here.

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